You deserve a path to parenthood.

Today, we fall short of that mission — partly due to eligibility criteria dictated by our insurance partners, partly because we need to manage our own financial risk to stay in the business of helping our Members — but we work every day to expand access to our plans.

The best way to find out if you’re eligible is to apply

When you apply to become a Gaia Member, we ask you a number of questions. We consider all your information holistically to get a full picture. Because we use a number of factors, it’s hard to clearly lay out who we’ll be able to give a plan to. And in fact, our members each have a unique story to tell.

two women standing hand in hand with each other
Katie & Georgia
Diagnosis: None
Age: 34 and 27
Treatment: IVF with donor sperm
Treatment history: 3 IUI treatments
a happy couple
Nicky & Rory
Diagnosis: None
Age: 36 and 36
Treatment: IVF with ICSI
Treatment history: 3 IVF treatments
A smiling couple
Stella & Toby
Diagnosis: Tubal factor and male factor
Age: 39 and 42
Treatment: Egg donor
Treatment history: 4 IVF treatments
a woman smiling
Age: 39
Diagnosis: Tubal factor
Treatment: Standard IVF
Treatment history: 1 IVF treatment

There are some clear cut-offs

FYI: If you don't meet some of these metrics, we won't be able to offer you a Gaia Plan. Even if you meet all of the criteria below, we can't guarantee you’ll get a plan today.


Unfortunately, age plays a big part in our eligibility criteria. Because eligibility depends on many factors, we can't say exactly where we draw the line when it comes to age.In general, chances of getting a plan decrease with age. This is most common if you are over the age of 40 and using your own eggs. For the use of donor eggs, we can accept people up to age 47.

Credit score & affordability

Before we give you your loan, we need to make sure that you won’t be put into a tough financial position if and when you come to repay your cycle costs.

When you complete your credit profile, we will run a "soft" credit check and affordability check to give you your personalized interest rate and make sure the plan is fair and affordable for you. A "hard" check will only be run when you sign your Membership Agreement.

Will my credit be impacted?
Soft credit checks won’t impact your credit score, which is why we do this check when you are exploring whether Gaia is right for you.

However, when you sign your Membership Agreement, our member support team will let you know that we will run a hard credit check. A hard check can impact your credit score and means that other credit lenders will be able to see that a company has run a check.
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