How much does IVF cost in Glasgow?

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Gaia is proud to partner with clinics in Glasgow. Because we work directly with fertility clinics to offer financing for fertility treatments like IVF, we can tell you exactly how much your treatment costs will be.

We’re breaking down costs into three specific sections to help you better understand the process from start to finish. Before starting IVF, you’ll go through pre-treatment testing to understand any fertility challenges. Then, you’ll go through treatment, including any additional treatments your doctor recommends.

Fertility assessment
costs in Glasgow

Before you start treatment, you’ll need to visit a fertility clinic for a consultation. During your appointment, you’ll meet with a doctor for a series of tests and scans to determine the best treatment plan for you:

Initial consultation with your fertility doctor

Your doctor will get to know you, understand your goals and timeline, and make an initial recommendation after reviewing your tests and scans.

Ultrasound scan

Your doctor will do an ultrasound to make sure your ovaries and other reproductive organs are healthy. If you have an IUD, they’ll be able to see it and can recommend when to remove it.

Blood tests for AMH and other hormones

Anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) is inside cells in the ovaries’ follicles. Testing it can estimate egg count and the quality of those eggs. The higher your AMH level, the better.

Semen analysis

If you’re planning to do IVF with a partner, the clinic will ask them for a semen sample. The staff will check the sperm’s quantity and quality and share any concerns with your doctor.

Fertility treatment costs in Glasgow

There are many different options to treat fertility issues. Depending on your situation, your doctor may recommend more than one treatment for the best outcomes.

We have calculated the cost of treatment to include the average cost of medication and all essential procedures for one egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

If you want to learn more about the cost of treatment, view our cost calculator.

Standard IVF

A doctor prescribes hormonal injections to stimulate the ovaries and produce multiple eggs. Those eggs are fertilised with sperm in a lab, then implanted into a woman’s womb.

A good option for
Heterosexual couples
Transgender couples
Reciprocal IVF

Also called “shared motherhood,” it’s when one partner goes through the egg retrieval process, uses donor sperm to fertilise the egg, and the other carries the embryo to term.

A good option for
Same-sex couples
Transgender couples

Same process as Standard IVF, except a doctor selects the best quality sperm to inject directly into  the egg in a lab. The resulting embryo is implanted into a woman’s womb.

A good option for
Heterosexual couples
Transgender couples
IVF with donor sperm

Same process as Standard IVF, except instead of using a partner’s sperm, it comes from a donor. Ideal for people with sperm quality concerns or inheritable genetic conditions.

A good option for
Heterosexual couples
Same-sex couples
Transgender couples
single parents

Additional fertility treatment costs in Glasgow

Depending on your age and medical history, your doctor might recommend additional tests and procedures.

PGT-A testing

Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (pronounced “ann-yuh-ploy-dee”) checks embryos for genetic abnormalities. You can test your embryos before storing or using them.

Surgical sperm retrieval

Some people don’t release sperm when they ejaculate, and some don’t ejaculate at all. In that case, a doctor might recommend surgical sperm retrieval to retrieve good quality sperm.

Prices and data shown here are accurate as of 11/02/2024 and taken from Glasgow Royal Fertility Clinic.
That’s a quick overview of the costs of IVF in Glasgow. It’s a lot to consider! As you do more research, you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you.

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