Lowering BMI during the fertility journey

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Your doctor may have recommended lowering your weight to improve your chances of a healthy fertility treatment or pregnancy. If you’re looking for help reducing BMI before fertility treatment, you’re in the right place. These three resources have been recommended by members of our community.

Fertility Dietitian UK 

Ro Huntriss has 15 years of experience in dietetics and nutrition. She originally started Fertility Dietitian UK to provide science backed fertility nutrition advice to her close friends. Today, she’s supported hundreds of couples on their journeys to parenthood. 

Ro can help with…

  • 1:1 advice and printable guides personalised to your specific needs
  • Helpful and actionable blog posts
  • Recipes for accessible meals

Learn more at Fertility Dietitian UK 

Second Nature 

Second Nature is an NHS-backed personalised weight-loss programme. They primarily focus on improving health through changing lifestyle habits, and are very much against the calorie counting and banning food trends that modern weight-loss programmes focus on. Second Nature also have a medication-supported programme, which pairs the weight-loss medication Wegovy with their habit and lifestyle-change programme.

Second Nature can help with…

  • 1-on-1 care from a registered nutritionist, and community support from like-minded people
  • Helpful, understandable articles from dietitians and psychologists
  • 300+ recipes that are delicious and flexible

Learn more at Second Nature


MyBMI is a team of medical professionals offering a personalised approach to weight management for every client. Their proven success methods combine the right diet, exercise, education, and medication options. 

MyBMI can help with…

  • Bespoke weight management assistance from medical experts 
  • Treatment plan options for any budget
  • Community resources with meal ideas, support and weekly videos

Learn more at MyBMI

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Gaia Team
The Gaia team is made up of people deeply invested in fertility science and technology. They work directly with medical experts to bring you accurate and actionable information to help people on their own IVF journeys. Many team members have gone through fertility treatment and understand just how personal, challenging, and rewarding the journey can be.

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So far I am very happy with Gaia
So far I am very happy with Gaia, I am about to have my first try of IVF with them, I have found them extremely helpful and all the staff I have delt with have been so kind and friendly. I would recommend using Gaia.


Published 2 Oct 2023
Gaia makes the world a happier place
Gaia are so friendly, welcoming and kind! We were so so excited to hear about Gaia when we attended a open evening at Bourn Hall Wickford. It is the most amazing gift that Gaia can give to a person/persons, they put fertility treatment...

Mrs Sarah Prince

Published 17 sep 2023
Gaia is my family too!!!
I haven't started my treatment yet but till this point I'm very happy with Gaia family. I don't have words to express my gratitude and I'm sure with their help I will have my baby soon. The communication have been excell...


Published 8 jul 2023
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