Data Protection Information

Gaia offers financial and insurance packages to help, assist and support women and their partner during their fertility journey by simplifying and making it more personal and transparent.

Gaia offers the following services (hereinafter ‘the Services’):

  • Gaia offers affordable and personalised membership plans to help men and  women pay for fertility treatment, with access to tailored information, resources  and unlimited support. 
  • We help you plan financially for your treatment by offering you a monthly payment plan when you start. We won’t give you any recommendation or financial advice  (we are not allowed to). But we will give you all the information you need to make a decision about whether or not our plans are suitable for your needs. We recommend you to get external financial advice if you are unsure. 

1. What will your personal data be used for?

Your personal data, including data, data concerning your personal life, health, your sex life  or sexual orientation or revealing ethnic origin or religious beliefs will be collected and processed, only when relevant in order to provide you a custom Service and for the  purpose of your access and use of Gaia’s services, based upon your consent and upon the performance of the Gaia’s Terms and Conditions. 

Those data are collected from you directly or accessed through the medical records of your healthcare facility, when you agreed. 

Please note that the health-related personal data are part of a special category of  personal data that are particularly sensitive and their processing results in you holding  specific related rights. 

Those data are necessary for you to use the Services and access their contents.

The failure to provide those personal data will prevent you from using the Services and, more broadly, accessing content of the Services. 

You can withdraw your consent at any time. Please be aware that withdrawal of your  consent will prevent you from benefiting from the Service and accessing the content. 

Withdrawal of your consent will not impede on the lawfulness of the process of your  personal data conducted up to the date of the withdrawal. 

Sharing of your personal data with healthcare professionals, nurses, pharmacists, health facilities, labs and other ART related professionals and bodies, will be subject to your consent which may be indicated using a tickbox or by other electronic means. 

Your anonymised personal data may be used for health-related studies, research or evaluation in which Gaia will participate, unless you express your prior and specific objection. 

You are informed that your navigation and Services usage, including access to all your  data processed through the Services, may be analysed in order for Gaia to improve and  adapt the Services and their generalisation. 

Providing that it will not allow your direct identification, your anonymised personal data  may be used to improve the Services’ performance and features and may be used for  analysis and statistical studies. 

Finally, please note that processing of your personal data may involve profiling that will  help Gaia to provide you the most appropriate and relevant content and Services. However, this profiling will be used to make automated decisions. 

2. Who is your personal data controller?

In accordance with the Regulations, you are hereby informed that the following entities  are, each of them, respectively controllers of our personal data:

  • Gaia, in order to provide you the Services
  • You healthcare professionals, nurses, pharmacists, health facilities, labs, and  other ART related professionals and bodies, as well as every other entity that  entered a contract with Gaia, so you can benefit from the Services; note that they  are processing your personal data outside Gaia’s digital tools, for purposes 

distinct from purposes specified by Gaia, and, thus, are solely liable for those  processing operations and for the collection of your consent relating to (i) those  processing operations and (ii) any medical treatment you may receive. 

Gaia completed all the necessary formalities, if any, with the ICO. 

Please note that Gaia, and all potential processors designated by Gaia, implements appropriate technical and organisational measures, especially, with regards to privacy  and security of your personal data.

3. Who may access your personal data?

Your personal data are strictly restricted to:

  • Yourself and, upon your consent, your partner; 
  • Specifically authorised personnel of Gaia, within the limits of the beforehand specified purposes, including Service provision; 
  • Your consented healthcare facility, healthcare professionals, nurses, pharmacists, health facilities, labs and other ART related professionals and bodies, specifically authorised and abiding to medical confidentiality and health data sharing  regulations; 
  • The pharmacist you elected for the transmission of the electronic prescription, if applicable; 
  • Strictly authorised personnel of Gaia’s technical processors, within the limitations  of their respective responsibilities; 
  • Any scientific partners of Gaia that would carry out studies, research or  evaluations, providing that your personal data will be pseudonymised. 

Gaia ensures that none of your personal data will be transferred to a non-authorised third party, without your consent and we will only share the minimally required data with each authorised party. 

4. How long will your personal data be kept?

You are informed that your personal data will be kept during the duration of your contractual relationship with Gaia and then will be securely archived for a duration of 30  years prior to being deleted for regulatory purposes.

5. What rights do you hold regarding your  personal data?  

In accordance with the Regulations, 

You have the right to:

  • Access your personal data, including data inferred from profiling’ • Rectification of your personal data; 
  • Erasure of your personal data’ 
  • Apply restrictions on processing your personal data’ 
  • Object to processing your personal data’ 
  • Portability of your personal data; 
  • Make a complaint to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office ( 

Note that you also hold the right to withdraw your consent regarding the processing of  your personal data at any time, including with regards to profiling of your data. 

In order to exercise your rights, please contact Gaia to the following details, attaching a  copy of your Identity Document to Gaia’s dedicated department at: 

You also may contact (email) concerning any and all questions  related to personal data.

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