What is the cost of IVF?

There are many unknowns when you start your IVF journey, and one is the total cost you pay. Fertility clinics’ IVF package prices can vary, and the treatments and procedures that are included in that price can too. Some fertility clinics list their IVF treatment cost at £3,000, but in reality what you finally spend can be closer to £6,000.

When researching clinics and their costs, make sure to check what the clinic includes in their package price and what you might have to pay for separately.

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What is IVF and what treatments are included?

There are several different types of IVF treatment, including Standard IVF, IVF + ICSI, Egg Donor and Sperm Donor IVF. Below are the necessary stages within a Standard IVF round.

Initial test and consultationStimulation PhaseEgg collectionEmbryologyEmbryo transferPregnancy test

A standard fresh cycle of IVF is treatment where the woman’s ovaries are stimulated, eggs are extracted and fertilised with the male’s sperm, and one - sometimes two - embryos are transferred back into the uterus. Any remaining embryos are frozen for future use.

Within each stage of your IVF are treatments and procedures that are necessary to have.

Our Gaia Plans include all essential treatments within each IVF stage starting from the stimulation phase. We do not include pre-treatment tests within our Gaia Plans as these are necessary to have before your clinic can provide you with a treatment plan.

What could be missing from a clinic's "Standard IVF" package?

Not all clinic packages are the same. Here are some treatments in a fresh IVF round that might be missing from your clinic’s IVF package.
Pre-treatment tests and scans
Viral Screening
Initial Consultation
Monitoring Blood Test
Monitoring Scan
Blastocyst Culture
Medication (Embryo Transfer)
Embryo Freezing and Storage
Pregnancy Blood Test
Pregnancy Scan
With a Gaia Plan, we cover all essential treatments from the stimulation phase and onwards.


Medication is taken throughout your IVF cycle to stimulate your follicle growth and also prepare for an embryo transfer. Medication throughout your IVF cycle varies depending on the protocol, type of medication and chosen clinic. It can range between £500-£3,500 for any IVF round. For that reason, most clinics do not include medication costs in their base packages.
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Stimulation Medication

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Transfer Medication

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Pregnancy Medication

To learn more about medication during your IVF treatment, read the HFEA’s article on fertility drugs here

Want to learn more about the cost of IVF at your chosen clinic? Fill in the form to get a detailed price breakdown at any HFEA clinic.

Curious about how we provide insurance for IVF? 

There are many costs with IVF, but it doesn't have to be daunting. Gaia provides insurance and financing plans for IVF, so that you can start today.

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