If you’re considering how to cover the cost of IVF, you might have looked into having IVF on the NHS. And if you’re one of the many who don’t qualify for NHS funding (or have already completed your NHS funded treatment), you might want to research taking out private health insurance for IVF.

Does private health insurance cover IVF?

Every private health insurance provider is different. It’s important to ask your provider for a full breakdown of what their policies include. Some might cover a full range of fertility treatments, including IVF. Others might only cover fertility testing. And others might cover no fertility-related treatments at all.

If they do cover IVF treatment, know that they may restrict your choice of doctor. 

Another important factor is that a lot of fertility clinics won’t accept payment authorisation codes often used by lots of private health insurance providers. This means you’ll still have to come up with the money up front. Only once you’ve paid the clinic can your private health insurance provider reimburse you. But there can be a lot of admin involved.

Naturally, not everyone can afford to pay full treatment costs up front (it’s no secret that IVF costs can add up!). And waiting to save up might delay your treatment. Luckily, there is a new way to pay for IVF.

Introducing Gaia, IVF insurance you can afford today  

“We felt like we’d hit a brick wall when we didn't qualify for NHS funding. One email to Gaia later, and we’re on our second round." – Lyndsey, Gaia Member

We are Gaia, the world’s first IVF insurance provider. Backed by Lloyd’s of London, we exist so that you never have to pay for your treatment costs up front. We take care of the payments, so that you can focus on your treatment.

We know from experience that IVF isn’t just financially painful. It’s also emotionally and physically painful. Not to mention a constant learning curve. 

That’s why our insurance plans not only cover all essential IVF treatments and medication, but they also cover 12 sessions of counselling, plus access to an embryologist, a support line, groups and events. 

How does our Gaia Insurance Plan work? 

“In the same way that you insure your house or your car, it’s security in case you need it and if you don’t need it then it hasn’t cost you the earth.” – Emily, Gaia Member

1. We personalise a Plan for you 

Based on the information you give us – plus data from one million previous IVF treatments over the past 30 years – we offer you a plan insuring you for up to six rounds of IVF.

2. We insure your IVF and pay your clinic upfront

To start your IVF treatment with a Gaia Plan, accept and sign your Membership Agreement, and pay your insurance premium for your first round – a fraction of its total cost. 

We then pay your clinic upfront, the full cost of your treatment round.

3. Pay us back over time only if you have your child

If you have your child, you then start paying back your treatment costs in monthly instalments over 8 years.

If you don’t have a child in your insured rounds, you are covered by the premiums that you have already paid – and you pay don't pay for your treatment costs.

So say you have your child after two rounds of treatment. You will have paid two premiums (one for each round), and after you have your child, you start paying for the treatment cost of those two rounds in monthly instalments (with the option to refinance).

How does Gaia make money?

People ask us this question a lot – and we’re always glad when they do. Our IVF insurance can only relieve you of your financial burden if you understand exactly how we keep our lights on.

We make money by taking a small fraction of the premiums that we collect from our Members. This helps us make sure that we can continue to support IVF patients on their fertility journeys, both now and in the future. 

How much does IVF cost with insurance?

Just like with any other insurance, your premium is separate to the cost of your treatment. The premium that you pay us at the start of each round is typically around 20-30% of your fixed treatment price. 

Pay less to start your IVF journey with a Gaia Plan

Complete your fertility profile, and we’ll create a commitment-free Gaia Plan, personalised to you.
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Have more questions?

As the world's first IVF insurance, we know you might have some more questions. Speak with a member of our Support Team to get all your questions answered.