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Considering having IVF in Spain? Here's everything you need to know, from egg & sperm donation to the process, courtesy of Gaia & Spanish clinic UR Vistahermosa.
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IVF in Spain may not be an obvious first choice for people trying to build a family here in the UK. But having IVF abroad can be easy, cost-effective and altogether a more effortless experience.

As the world’s first IVF insurance provider, at Gaia, we believe in making IVF more accessible and personal.

That’s why we partner with the leading IVF clinic in Alicante, Spain, UR Vistahermosa. They offer an exceptional experience, from first consultation to aftercare.

Intrigued to discover more about how doing IVF in Spain with UR Vistahermosa could work for you? Discover everything you need to know about having IVF in Spain.

Thinking about having IVF in Spain? Here are 5 reasons why it’s easier than you think

Spain is setting a new standard in IVF. From less waiting time to easy access, there are plenty of reasons why Spain has become a go-to fertility destination for many.

Here’s what you need to know from Gaia’s partner clinic, UR Vistahermosa, Alicante.

1. Treatment time is shorter

It's a common misconception that if you have IVF overseas, you have to be abroad for your entire treatment.

In fact, fertility clinics like UR Vistahermosa work with your consultant back home to minimise the time you need to spend in Spain and plan your treatment in a way that works for you.

You attend virtual appointments ahead of your arrival. Each IVF protocol requires at most two in-person visits. All the testing and results are done during your stay, and the clinic arranges your aftercare for you back at home.

2. Everything is arranged for you

UR Vistahermosa assigns you to a patient coordinator, who will be your dedicated point of contact throughout your entire treatment. They speak English so there won’t be a language barrier.

From organising flights to and from the UK, to airport transfers and accommodation in Alicante, to planning testing, treatment and medication, your coordinator has got you covered.

3. A surplus of donors means less waiting time

Under Spanish law, all egg, sperm and embryo donations are anonymous. This means there is a surplus of egg, sperm and embryo donors.

The result? Waiting times are significantly shorter than in the UK and treatments, more readily available.

4. Age and other eligibility factors are more relaxed

The scope of eligibility is much wider in Spain than in the UK – meaning you’re eligible to have IVF in Spain if you’re 50 or below and have a BMI of 30 or below. Even more complex genetic cases can be eligible for IVF treatment in Spain.

“At UR Vistahermosa, our team of leading fertility experts and consultants work tirelessly to create a protocol tailored to your needs and where you are in your journey.” – Salomé Lopez Garrido, Head of Operations at UR Vistahermosa

5. UR Vistahermosa supports you throughout your treatment

If you go with Spanish clinic UR Vistahermosa, they are there to help you every step of the way. Their clinic is inside a hospital, which means consultants, embryologists, pharmacists and nurses are available around the clock. They also work closely together to plan the most efficient protocol for you.

At UR Vistahermosa, the team is on call 24/7, from day one to the moment your baby is born. We are always here to give you comfort and reassurance throughout your IVF journey.” – Salomé Lopez Garrido, Head of Operations at UR Vistahermosa

Egg, embryo and sperm donation in Alicante: everything you need to know

There’s a reason why Spain has become the go-to fertility destination for those seeking donors. Here are your most important questions answered.

Why is Spain the best country for egg, sperm and embryo donation?

Unlike many other countries, Spanish reproduction law is more flexible when it comes to donation (without compromising on donor quality).

Donor identity is protected to offer full anonymity. This has encouraged a surplus of rigorously screened egg, sperm and embryo donors, who are readily available for those going through fertility treatment. This means waiting lists for clinics like UR Vistahermosa are significantly shorter than in the UK.

How does your clinic in Spain match you to your donor?

Spanish clinics like UR Vistahermosa will match you to a donor who shares as many similar characteristics as possible to you (and any partner you have). Your match will typically be under 30. Characteristics under consideration include ethnicity, hair colour, eye colour and skin.

Once your clinic matches you to a donor, it’s worth noting that you can have a maximum of six children from the same egg or sperm donor.

What is the egg, embryo and sperm donation process like in Spain?

The donation process follows the same timeline as the IVF process. At UR Vistahermosa, for example, you still only need two in-person visits.

The only thing that changes is the duration of your second visit, which can be between one and ten days, instead of one and seven, depending on fresh or frozen donor availability.

Timelines at UR Vistahermosa don’t change drastically as they have access to donors in-house. So if you’re using egg, sperm or embryo donation as part of your IVF plan, they support you from your first inquiry. They work with you to meet your requirements and assist you throughout the entire journey.

What are the success rates for egg, sperm and embryo donation in Spain?

Based on the abundance of donors in Spain and its regulated and innovative treatment landscape, Spanish IVF success rates are favourable. This is because donors are younger (between 18 and 35) and they undergo rigorous tests (including genetic and physiology tests) to ensure high-quality eggs and sperm.  

That said, it’s important to note that success rates vary for each individual. They also depend on the type of treatment you undergo, and whether you use fresh or frozen donor eggs, sperm or embryos.

What could your IVF journey in Spain with UR Vistahermosa and Gaia look like?

IVF comes with many challenges. Seeking treatment abroad shouldn’t be one of them. Discover what your patient journey with UR Vistahermosa and Gaia could look like in four seamless steps.

UR Vistahermosa pride themselves on their seamless and stress-free international patient care. And for good reason. With over 40 years of clinical experience, UR Vistahermosa is a leader in IVF and donor treatments in Spain.

1. Kick things off with a Zoom call

After you first reach out to UR Vistahermosa, your IVF journey in Spain starts with a virtual call. You speak with your consultant and patient coordinator at UR Vistahermosa, who work together to create a personalised treatment plan and timeline.

2. Agree on a plan during your first visit, arranged by UR Vistahermosa

Every plan requires no more than two in-clinic visits.

Your first visit is to carry out relevant testing, meet the team, agree on your medication and discuss your plan in more depth. This takes two days.

Your patient coordinator helps you organise your first clinic visit, so you don't have to. UR Vistahermosa provides full assistance with accommodation, flights to Alicante and clinic transfers.

3. Head back for a second visit to receive treatment

Between 30 and 60 days later, you come back to UR Vistahermosa for your second visit. This is for your treatment, whether fresh, frozen or donor, and can be between one and seven days in total.

UR Vistahermosa’s clinic offering is unique, as they are based inside a well-equipped hospital. This means you can have all your testing done in one place and have around-the-clock access to medical staff and treatment.  

When it’s time to pack up your bags, UR Vistahermosa assigns you custom letters to ensure there are no issues in taking medication on the plane. They will also continue to liaise with your doctor at home for ongoing monitoring and medication.

4. Go home for aftercare, supported by UR Vistahermosa

Aftercare is an important pillar for UR Vistahermosa. They support you throughout the two-week wait and beyond. Expect ongoing guidance with medication through their how-to videos, plus regular virtual and email check–ins with their nursing team.

UR Vistahermosa take care of you. Gaia take care of your finances.

IVF costs can add up, wherever you have your treatment. With an IVF insurance plan from Gaia, you can start the process prepared. Pay a premium to start a round of IVF. Gaia pays for your full treatment costs upfront. Pay nothing more if you don't have a child. If you do, pay back treatment costs in monthly instalments.
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