Gaia Plan eligibility

Our Gaia Plans help make IVF more accessible, for more people. 

While we want to help build as many families as we can, there are some criteria that need to be met to be eligible for a Gaia Plan. 

Your premium

In order to insure your IVF treatment, there are certain requirements from our underwriters and regulation that need to be met. One, is that your insurance premium before tax never reaches 40% of your treatment cost. This is to ensure the plan we offer isn’t unfairly expensive. 

Your premium is calculated based on the information you have provided to us, your chosen clinic and the treatment you are having.


We cannot insure an embryo carrier who has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 35 or higher. Our BMI criteria is a compulsory requirement from insurance underwriters. We are working to make our plans fairer for more people and will communicate any changes in the future.

Credit score 

To finalise your plan, you must pass a credit check. This helps us make sure that your Gaia Plan is fair and affordable for you. 

We only need to check your credit score once throughout your Gaia Membership.

What's included

We exist to ensure that you never have to take out your credit card at your clinic once you start your IVF treatment. We take care of the finances, so that you can take care of you.

That’s why Gaia Plans cover all essential and necessary treatments for each IVF round. 

This means that for a fresh IVF round, we can cover you for:

  • ICSI, egg donor IVF and sperm donor IVF
  • medication for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • all monitoring blood tests and scans during your stimulation phase
  • egg collection
  • sedation
  • sperm collection
  • fertilisation
  • blastocyst culture
  • embryo transfer
  • embryo freezing and one year of storage of any additional embryos

Gaia Plans do not cover any “add-on” treatments that are not considered “green” – or proven to positively affect your IVF treatment – by HFEA’s traffic light system

We're here to help

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